The postgraduates of our institute develop in all aspects including moral education, intellectual education, physical culture and aesthetic education, and achieve success in many activities.

  • In the traditional gathering of IME, New Year's party, the teachers and students sing and dance on the same stage to celebrate the coming New Year.

  • IME participates "December Ninth" revolutionary songs choral competition every year in Tsinghua University. Teachers and students show the spirit of IME by beautiful voice together.

  • The Postgraduate Association of IME organizes trips every year, often in spring. The picture shows students in Yunmeng Valley.

  • Teachers and students participate actively in various kinds of sports and competitions.

  • The badminton, volleyball, table tennis, basketball and other sports clubs carry out activities orderly, attracting a large number of students and teachers to participate sports activity. Thus strengthen body health during the hectic scientific research. The picture shows "Lanxin Cup " basketball game scene.

  • The Postgraduate Association of IME holds a number of academic activities such as lectures and reports on various topics, including doctoral forum, academic salons, “Academic Road”, “Academic Life”, the students were actively involved. The figure shows doctoral forum, academic salons, “Academic Road” in sequence.