IMETU has become an active participant in the international scientific society. Several hundred foreign scientists and experts worldwide visited IMETU and gave seminars each year. Those exchanges have helped to improve the cooperation between IMETU and multinational companies and universities.

 IEEE Asia Solid-State Circuit Conference (AS-SSCC) had been successfully organized by IMETU More then 300 participants from all over the world presented in the conference. A-SSCC is officially supported by IEEE SSCS.

 IMETU、 Mechanics College of THU and North-East University of Japan have together convened “21COE” point workshop to conduct the exchange between students and developing memory technology research in December 2004.

 Professor T. P. Ma with Yale university、 professor Koyanagi Witt North-EAST University of Japan、 professor LiMingFu with Singapore National University、 professor Ma Jack with Wisconsin university、 Doctor Jin Qi Nan with Sumsung company、 Doctor Yingbo with SST company、 Doctor Ted Yan Ting with PMC company、 Doctor Ting Wong with PMC company、 Doctor John Chen with SMIC company and specialists visited IMETU and exchanged the experiences in the memory and GeSi technology field.

 Prof. CT Sah of Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in University of Florida in the U.S. have been appointed as the Honorable Professor of Tsinghua University.

 Professor C.I.M.Beenakker with TU Delft 、 professor Kanglong Wang with Department of Electrical Engineering of UCLA、 Prof. Andreas Kuehlman of the Cadence Research Laboratories have been appointed as visiting professor.



 Dr.WOO Nam Sung Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Korea

Dr. Aart de Geus,a seminar chairman, CEO of Synopsys


Prof. Simon M.Sze of Chiao Tung Univ. Taiwan

Professor C.I.M.Beenakker with TU Delft

 Prof. Andreas Kuehlman of the Cadence Research Laboratories